Bantayan Series: Peacefully Parked

Peacefully Parked

Sony NEX 7 + MC MIR 24m 35mm f/2


Fine Glass from 1959, Damaged by a bag made this year

One of my favorite lenses from 1959 (Jupiter 9 85mm f/2) now needs a some serious cleaning and aperture ring alignment. It definitely ruined my day and I blame my camera bag made (manufactured this year)  for it. 🙂

Calming Light During the Storm

Calming light during the storm.  No electricity, no other light source, nothing else but myself, this candle and my almost drained camera.

Lurking in the Shadows

Took this exact shot in the past using my mobile phone. I didn’t have my camera yet during that time and I was quite happy with what my phone camera can do. My interests on photography grew stronger so I decided to invest into better equipment after a couple of months. Now that I am on my 2nd camera, I wanted to play around and see how much difference there really is with better equipment by shooting a subject I have shot in the past. So here it is.. I am very pleased with the results, and I definitely appreciate my current camera more than ever. It just captures way more details and much needed information about lighting, shadows, colors etc. It makes post processing much easier too.