Blue Hour Vanagon

HDR, Still Life, Street


The Blue Hour Vanagon

Sony NEX 7 + Sony SEL16f28


A Long yet Meaningful Walk

HDR, Landscape, Travel


A long yet meaningful walk.

Taken at Bukidnon Philippines using Sony NEX 7 + SEL16f28.

Digitally painted using Photoshop.

Sunset at RealPage (2nd Take)

HDR, Landscape


Sony NEX 7 + SEL16f28

Taken from RealPage office at Ortigas Ave. Pasig City, Philippines. Shot in multiple exposures then combined manually using Photoshop.

Rush Hour 2

HDR, Night, Street


This one’s taken using different exposure levels: 2 exposure levels for the trails and 3 exposures for the building and side street. I was on a foot bridge when I shot this with no tripod at hand so I used the hand rails as support… Fortunately thelight  trails didn’t appear too jagged as you can feel the floor shake whenever someone was passing by. 🙂 I love how it all went together and how these trails show the chaotic flow of traffic in Metro Manila during these hours.

All shots blended in Photoshop manually using different luminosity masks and awesome filters of color efex pro.

Rush hour at C5 Eastwood Intersection

HDR, Night, Street



C5 Eastwood intersection. Kesa maghintay sa misis matapos sa grocery, nagpagupit na lang ako at nag desisyon na rin maglakad pabalik ng shopwise. Medyo natutunugan ko ng matatagalan kaya dinala ko na rin camera ko hehe… eto resulta – limang shots na magkakaibang exposure levels mula sa -2ev hanggang +2ev at pinagsama lahat ng kuha ng mano mano gamit ang photoshop, luminosity masks pati na rin NIK tools.

Leading Lamps

Black and White, HDR, Night


Taken in 3 different exposures from -1ev to +1ev then manually combined using Photoshop. I think the same effect can be done in 2 exposures but I used the auto bracketing feature of my camera for this one so I ended up using 3 images. The colored version is okay too, but I think its too common and kind of boring so I decided to make it monochrome and add some drama to it. 🙂

Hapag Kainan

HDR, Night


“Hapag Kainan” in low light and rustic setting. Shot in 5 different exposures from -2ev to +2ev then manually blended in Photoshop.

It’s my first time to do HDR without using Photomatix or alike and I learned a lot of new things by doing it manually… I think I am going to stick to this practice for shots taken with a tripod.

Lamps, Stones and Plants

HDR, Night


Lamps, stones and plants, they always go together pretty well.

  • Camera: Sony Nex 7
  • Lens: Olympus G. Zuiko 50mm 1.4
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Shutter: 1/80 sec
  • Aperture: f/2


Back and Forth Eastwood City

HDR, Street


Midnight traffic to and from Eastwood City Philippines captured in 5 exposure levels from -2ev to +2ev using my usual gear.

Strong Midnight Coffee and Fountains



Strong midnight coffee and a fountain of dynamic ranges. Captured in 5 stops from -2ev to +2ev using my usual gear – nex7 and my 35mm lens.