MC MIR 24M 35mm f/2

I finally got my MC MIR 24M 35mm f/2 lens today. I read a lot of positive things about this specific lens and I don’t know if it’s true, I was told that this was produced in limited series and only professionals have this back in the day. Anyway, I was just looking for an “in between” everyday lens I can bring to take portraits, street photos or random photos that does not call much attention and is not that heavy like my 85mm. I have a 16mm wide lens I generally use for my HDR shots and I have been practicing with my manual jupiter 9 85mm  f.2 lens. The problem was, my 16mm distorts faces on close distances and I just can’t take photos from across the table using my 85mm so I looked for something in between. I first looked at 50mm lens, from Sony and some other russian lenses that comes close to leading ones.  I found a few I wanted though I am not sure if 50mm was really for me. I really wanted to be closer to my subjects especially that I wanna take pictures of my wife, kids, relatives or friends when we go out. I saw some sample images using 30mm and 35mm lens and I really liked them. Some were portraits, some architecture and some were even landscape photos. This was exactly what I was looking for, its wide enough but can also take awesome portraits with nice Bokeh. Among all the 35mm lenses, this MIR 24m stood out for me. I liked the contrast, I liked the bokeh and the sharpness too. I think it has the most balanced strengths compared to other 35 mm russian lenses. Please note that this is only my personal opinion based on the photos I saw and the feedback I read from different forums. I’m not in any way a photography guru nor am I a professional. IMHO, it really is worthy of  its fame… Below are sample shots I took right after I got it. It’s post processed but you can definitely see the lens’ performance 🙂



My Wife. Shot taken from across the table – Aperture Priority – f 2.8.



My youngest son and his ice cream sandwich. – f 2.8



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