The Antique Shop



One of the shops you’ll see at Vigan City, Philippines. It’s rustic facade makes it an ideal place to sell antique pieces and local crafts.

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Welcome to Vigan City



My first shot as I walk on the streets of Vigan. This whole town is picturesque, I love the texture and the overall vibe of this place.

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Bantay Bell Tower



The very first bell tower I saw that is not part of the church structure. Locals told me that it was also intended to be a watch tower so they put the bell tower away from the actual church building.

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Freshly Molded



Taken from a pottery shop that has been crafting beautiful pieces for several decades now. This shop is located at Vigan, Ilocos Sur Philippines – a province known for well kept heritage since the 15th century. The constant process of molding, spinning, and waiting reminds me of what my creator is doing to make my life into something that would serve him glory…  


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15th Century Doors



Shot from inside a 15th century church located at one of the most preserved heritage spot in the Philippines – Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. The hallway alone gives you a creepy and historic feel – I’m glad this shot captured how I felt while I was walking inside this historic landmark.

Captured using Sony Nex 7, Jupiter 9 85mm f/2. Download Full res or have it printed by clicking on the image.


Halo Halo De Iloko


Halo Halo De Iloko

We went to this very creative restaurant located at one of the provinces of the Philippines – San Fernando, La Union Philippines. The place is well known for its famous “Halo Halo” a Filipino iced drink made up of assorted sweet fruits, beans, ice cream, crushed ice, milk, “Leche Flan”, and Ube. This old school bike is what greets you when you find this restaurant.

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Statue of Assumption – Captured during my photo walk at Assumption College in Antipolo Philippines. Assumption College is a very old school ran by sisters which explains why most of the images I’ve taken are religious in nature. See other images during my photo walk:

Stations of the Cross



Stations of the Cross in nature friendly HDR. The details and the texture of the tree was just perfect for how simple and smooth that bamboo cross is.

Camera: Sony Nex 7

Lens: MC MIR 24M 35mm f/2

Aperture: f 2.8

Shutter: 1/2000 sec